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Embrace of Celebration Founder Featured on Disney Insights Podcast

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Excerpt (from podcast episode):

Bettina Grzeskowiak is no ordinary Disney Cast Member. Her story of seeking out an opportunity to work at Epcot in Germany is just a sampling of her tenacity. She also was part of the original team when the Disney Wonder launched. But her own life story beyond that is what really makes Bettina truly magical, as she fought poverty, abuse, and other challenges only to rise to become a leader in helping homeless people in the shadows of Walt Disney World. This is her story, and how she came to create Embrace Celebration. You'll hear her vision for helping others, and you'll be invited in how you can help for as little as $5 a month while receiving amazing interactive tools and multimedia showcasing all things Disney through the Wayfinder's Society, our new Patreon Group. Check it out! Bettina's story is an amazing journey.

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