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We Don't Judge! We Help!

"When I went out one day to bring some clothes to homeless people, they asked for food. Then I heard about the Star Motel on 192 where families were living in very poor conditions, and in need of food. That is where Embrace of Celebration really began working hard. We built up the outreach of Embrace and we got involved right away. We brought volunteers together to make lunch bags for the people, and this has continued every weekend since.


Embrace feeds more than 600 people a week through various methods including lunch bags, family food bags, food boxes and other meals and donations, connecting with families 1-3 times each week and touch 150+ Heartbeats each time we go out.  Plus, once a week, we deliver 30 food boxes to 30 families in need, and we have been working to help relocate families to places where they can live and start a new life."

                                                                                                                    - Bettina Grzeskowiak, Embrace Founder

Your Donation Can Help Us Do More!

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