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Embrace was birthed out of love and compassion for the less fortunate.  It is an example of the hearts of the caring, caring for those in need.  I witnessed this unique love when I visited the Star Motel one Saturday before it was shut down.  People greeted one another like family.  There is always anticipation and excitement when the Embrace team arrives. But there is so much more, compassion in the flesh.  Embrace survives on volunteers, donations, and hard work.  All of us can learn a lesson from this incredible outreach.  Those on the streets or those surviving in motels along the 192 corridor are not receiving a handout but rather a helping hand.  My brothers and sisters are not invisible. They might be hurting or having a hard time, and many are so weary but also so very grateful to be seen and recognized as a family member trying to do the best they know how for themselves and their children.  Never does the saying, “there but for the grace of God go I.” 

Kathie Wamsley

I am writing to share my experience working with Bettina Grzeskowiak and Embrace of Celebration. I met Bettina when she came to our rotary meeting two years ago and told us of her efforts to help the families living in the hotels along 192 in Kissimmee. She was struck by the intense need she saw and was trying to figure out how to have the biggest impact.

Since that time, Bettina has not only kept her promise to help as many as she could through Embrace of Celebration, she has also become known throughout Celebration as one who is making a difference. The Rotary Club of Celebration was proud to have helped support Bettina in her efforts by working with the Celebration Foundation to provide a total of $7500 in Aldi gift cards for distribution to the families Embrace Supports.

*Testimonial Pulled from the Full Letter Originally Sent*

Jane Denning

Pas President

Rotary Club of Celebration


Embrace of celebration never ceases to amaze me. Since its inception, I’ve seen lives changed and encouraged. It is a pure joy to see the many volunteers and donations come in in order to help those who are less fortunate. Bettina has a heart for those who are hurting and less fortunate. Embrace has been a light during the pandemic feeding the homeless and those living in squalor on 192 in Kissimmee. Personally, it has been a joy for me to serve alongside Bettina and her volunteers. It is so encouraging to see the smiles on peoples faces As they receive the donation of food and household items that they so desperately need. I hope that embrace of celebration will continue for many many more years to improve the lives of needy in Kissimmee. We ask for your support as Embrace of Celebration grows. 

*Taken From Original Recommendation Letter*

Arnold Austria

A+ Home Rentals

I am writing to share my experience with Bettina Grzeskowiak, the founder of Embrace of Celebration. I have known Bettina since 2017 through our local church and various community groups. Bettina is one of the most dedicated, faithful, compassionate, and driven people I have ever met when it comes to serving the less fortunate. Her own story of going through hard times as a single mom and not having any support or transportation for 4 years, and rising to build her own thriving business, and now a non-profit organization is more than inspiring. 


I have watched Bettina conquer impossibilities in order to care for families in need. She has sacrificed her time and energy in order to serve people who were hungry and move the homeless into homes while helping them to get on their own feet. She offers a "hand up," not a "hand out." This has empowered many families to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. I was shocked the first time I went with her to feed over 75 people. The needs were overwhelming, and now those numbers have grown. Hundreds of people now depend on her each week for sustenance. She meets those needs with a smile that brings tears to the eyes of those on the receiving end. 


Very quickly, the needs of the community have become more than Bettina can service on her own. Those needs require funding for food, supplies, transportation, relocating families, office supplies, and staffing. I encourage every organization to sow into this amazing endeavor and partner with Bettina to make a difference in the community. 

Traci Vanderbush

Faith Mountain Ministries


On behalf of the office of Commissioner Peggy Choudhry, please accept our most sincere gratitude and appreciation for your collaboration, donations, and staff/volunteers that joined our efforts in the free back-to-school backpack and school supplies giveaway event on July 31, 2021. 

More specifically, I wish to publicly recognize and give you special thanks for your prom and knowledgeable assistance, guidance, and caring attention to our community's needs. As County Commissioner, I am proud to have you serving Osceola County residents and all surrounding communities. 

Your actions are a great example of leadership, dedication, hard work, and selfless service that are core values within our community and District 1. You should take great pride in the receipt of this recognition, and lasting contribution to this community, and all of your employees/volunteers. 

Congratulations, once again, for your outstanding work and thank you for your continued service! Do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions. Be well, stay safe and healthy. 

Commissioner Peggy Choudhry
Osceola County

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