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Embrace Relocation Program

What is Needed Most Aside from Love is Compassion.

Some families struggle every day without having a roof over their heads to spend a calm night. Some never really had a home. This situation makes it impossible for those families to pursue a better life when adults can go to work and kids can go to school.


Sometimes having a home is almost everything those families need to get out of the misery and start a new life. We help as much as we can, trying to find affordable places for those families to move in, creating a 'homey' atmosphere where they can live, eat, sleep and be a family. Help, in these cases, come in a lot of different ways. 


- Finding affordable living 

- Finding furniture donation we can use

- Moving the families to their new homes

- Helping the family to adjust to their new neighborhood and get to know schools, job opportunities, etc.

- Bringing new ideas we can work with to accommodate more and more families

"We do not have enough affordable housing or even transition housing in Osceola County and we are in need of that. Many families will face homelessness if we don’t come up with an emergency plan. We need your help!"

                    - Bettina Grzeskowiak, Embrace Founder

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