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Homelessness survivor builds mission to aid hotel families: 'I wish I did not have to do it'

It’s about noon on a Saturday, and Bettina Grzeskowiak is doing what she does every week.

She’s driving a 15-foot moving truck through a 17-mile stretch of hotels off U.S. Route 192, West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, in Kissimmee.

She’s honking the horn in the tune of the first song she ever learned on the flute as a young girl in Germany. It’s her signature horn.

The long-term residents at the hotels here know it well. It’s become like music to their ears. It means help has arrived — groceries, clothing, hygiene items, books, even bicycles and toys.

Children run out, screaming, laughing and waving at Grzeskowiak. They’re excited to see her. She can barely hold back tears when she sees them chase her truck, some of them on bare feet. When they reach the truck, they ask to help out.

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