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Our Volunteers

Embrace of Celebration is recognized as a productive, compassionate and valuable resource in its community, providing high quality food and other necessities to local working families in need, through coordinating volunteers of all ages, youth groups, businesses and agencies. Embrace of Celebration believes our community deserves our time, energy, love and respect and bases all its actions on high ethical standards and values:

  • Quality: Embrace of Celebration makes sure all distributed items and products are of good quality and all distributed food items are fresh, healthy choices of good quality; our volunteers, member and employees focus on providing excellent service to others so we can always be proud of being a part of Embrace of Celebration.

  • Safety: Embrace of Celebration provides a safe and healthy environment when preparing and delivering food and other supplies for our families in need, both physically psychologically.

  • Respect: We are committed to treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect and providing an environment in which all members, volunteers, families and employees are afforded respect and compassion, free of any discrimination, harassment or judgment.

  • Responsibility: The primary responsibility of Embrace of Celebration is to our community and families in need; volunteers, members and employees are committed to punctuality, to honest and ethical behavior in all matters concerning Embrace of Celebration, and to not promising anything Embrace cannot deliver.

  • Conflicts of Interest: Volunteers, members and employees all have different backgrounds, beliefs and political views but do not allow these differences to negatively affect Embrace of Celebration’s work or environment.

  • Use of corporate information, opportunities: Employees, Board members and volunteers may not use confidential organizational information for their personal benefit or benefit of others; such information includes, but is not limited to inside information, confidential, personal information, business plans, new projects.

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